Ukrainian Antonov aims to switch to NATO standards by 2020

Business in Ukraine: Ukrainian Antonov aims to switch to NATO standards by 2020

#Ukrainian #aircraft #producer #Antonov, who #cut off #imports of Russian #components due to the conflict between #Ukraine and #Russia, has recently announced its #plans for #switching to #NATO #standards by the end of #2020. In addition, the aircraft #giant is planning the #construction of 70 #new #aircraft in the next 5 years.

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Ukrainian state-owned company Antonov has recently announced a five-year marketing plan. In particular, the aircraft manufacturer, who refused to use component parts from Russia due to the conflict between Ukraine and Russia (the aircraft of the Ukrainian aviation giant now have no Russian components) plans on switching to NATO standards by the end of 2020. The announced marketing plan is based on the estimates of industry analysts, reports of the independent experts and leading companies.

In particular, in 2015, the share of components from Russia in the production of AN-178 aircraft made up 41%, and in 2016 the company completely cut off Russian components by switching to units and aggregates of other suppliers.

It should be noted that, having fulfilled its obligations with regard to substituting import of Russian components in the production of their equipment, the state enterprise Antonov became part of the state defence concern UkrOboronProm.

Tailoring Anonov aircraft production in accordance with NATO standards is an important step for both the company and Ukraine. For this purpose, Antonov had to undergo FAA certification, which should be conducive to entering new markets.

In addition, the Antonov, whose production includes the largest AN-225 Mriya cargo aircraft in operation, is planning to construct at least 70 aircraft over the next five years.

Thus, according to the marketing plan, the world market capacity for medium cargo aircraft over the next 15 years is estimated at 900 airplanes. Therefore, over the next five years, Antonov plans to supply 20 AN-178 aircraft to the CIS countries, Asia and Africa, as well as Turkey. Antonov is also going to re-enter the competition market of regional passenger aircraft.

In addition, in the years 2018-2020, the aircraft construction company intends attracting investors to stimulate the marketing and distribution of AN airplanes in the world market. The plans also include opening regional service centres in a number of countries, and namely in Sudan, Colombia, India, South Africa, Bulgaria and Malta. Furthermore, new mechanisms of aircraft sales with the participation of leasing companies are now being introduced.

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