Dutch House of Representatives ratified the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

The #Netherlands made a huge step towards finalizing the #ratification of the #EU-Ukraine #Association #Agreement. On Feb 23, 2017, the #House of #Representatives of the #Dutch #Parliament #voted its #support for the agreement. Of 150 MPs, eighty-nine voted for the deal while 55 voted against.

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Unlike the other discussions that are included in the parliament agenda, voting on the Ukrainian issue was arranged according to a special procedure. Each of the MPs had to voice whether they supported the ratification before the actual voting took place.

The next stage in the process of ratification is voting in the Senate. That done, the appropriate documents will be signed by the King and filed to the European Parliament. Most of the MPs in the Senate have previously declared their support for the Association Agreement with Ukraine.

In case the deal will be approved by the Senate, the Netherlands will begin to execute the decision to ratify the deal which was made back in 2015 but suspended by the subsequent referendum.

As was reported earlier, the referendum showed reluctance of the Dutch citizens to approve association with Ukraine. Following the referendum, the Dutch government attempted to clarify the terms of the deal to its citizens. A declaration made in Brussels in December 2016 was an answer to the referendum confirming that association did not immediately make Ukraine an EU member state and so the questions of unrestricted work migration or financial and military aid were not relevant as yet.

SEO Economisch Onderzoek, a research institute created as part of Amsterdam University, reports that the Dutch economy is expected to see insignificant, yet positive boost from the upcoming deal with Ukraine. In particular, the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will grow Dutch GDP by 0,03%, or EUR 177 million.

According to the estimates, Dutch exports to Ukraine may increase almost threefold, from EUR 1.5 billion to EUR 4.2 billion. In turn, Ukrainian imports to the Netherlands are expected to double, from EUR 0.7 billion to EUR 1.3 billion.

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