Iran is interested in transportation of oil through Odessa–Brody pipeline

Ukraine economy: Iran to transport oil through Odessa–Brody pipeline

This article discusses interest on the part of Iran in transportation of oil to Western Europe through Odessa–Brody pipeline.

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Following a meeting of the newly appointed Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine with the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ukraine, it was announced that Iran is interested in transportation of its oil to Europe via Odessa–Brody pipeline.

In particular, it was agreed to execute all respective agreements and examine all required infrastructure objects within two months.

We note that during the Fifth meeting of the Intergovernmental Ukrainian-Iranian joint commission for economic and trade cooperation a memorandum of mutual understanding was signed by the parties, in which all the areas of cooperation between Ukraine and Iran are specified with concrete steps for implementation of such cooperation.

One of the key areas of cooperation is agriculture. Ukraine is ready to export grain, vegetable oil, animal products, live cattle, sugar and confectionery, fruit and vegetables to Iran. In its turn, Iran is interested in exporting agricultural products to Ukraine, including dried fruit, shrimp, fish, etc. In addition, Iran was also offered to invest in the forest and fisheries sectors of Ukraine and create joint ventures for breeding and rearing of sturgeon, salmon and other fish species.

The other important area of cooperation is logistics and infrastructure. Ukraine invited Iranian business to participate in privatization process for various state enterprises. In addition, a joint committee on investment is going to be established for development of various forms of investment, including under public private partnership.

Iran is also looking for establishment of close cooperation in aviation, in particular in modernization of AN-140-100 plane and its joint manufacturing, including its new modifications, and in marketing and sale of AN-158 in Iran and the Gulf region. Ukrainian companies are invited to cooperate with Iranian companies in machinery, mining and related spheres. Moreover, a possibility for transit of oil through the territory of Ukraine to the European countries was discussed.

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