Huge IT Park to be built in Lviv

IT business in Ukraine: Huge IT Park to be built in Lviv

A #huge #IT #Park – #InnovationDistrictITPark – worth USD 160 million will be built in #Lviv. This is the largest IT infrastructure project in the region so far. The total area of the park will be 10 hectares. One of the #investors is a #Canadian multi-billion #dollar #fund.

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Since the annual growth of the IT industry in Lviv reaches 20 percent, the demand for office space for rent has remained high for years. The city is unable to meet demand with existing resources. The industry demands the development of a modern infrastructure – conveniently located and well equipped. Therefore, now is the best time to start the largest IT infrastructure project ever implemented in Lviv – the construction of Innovation District IT Park. One of the investors is the Canadian Brookfield, a multi-billion dollar fund.

The construction of Innovation District ІТ Park was announced in June 2017. The total area of the park will be 10 hectares. From here one can quickly reach all the important places and sights – the airport, the railway station, the universities and the historic city center. The main developer of the project is Galereja Center, a company that was in charge of the construction of the Forum Lviv shopping center.

The construction of the IT park should have started on 30 June. The project will create about 14,000 jobs; the investment in the IT park is estimated at USD 160 million. There will be several business centers with various numbers of floors (from 8 to 22) on the premises of the IT Park. The versatility of the IT Park will provide all employees with a variety of functions: first-class offices, university buildings, campuses and laboratories, conference rooms, hotels, shopping center, restaurants and cafés, sports facilities, swimming pool, kindergartens, shops and other facilities.

Above all, the IT park is a modern infrastructure and first-class offices with full optimization and automation of all systems – from fiber optic network to the reception area and meeting rooms. The companies can rent entire office buildings as well as separate rooms or even individual workplaces in the coworking space.

As education is an integral part of the progress, Innovation District ІТ Park will become an educational platform where students can interact with experienced IT professionals. There will also be technical laboratories, libraries, coworkings and public areas on campus that will be accessible to students.

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