Ukrainian MP Yulia Tymoshenko met President Trump in Washington

Ukrainian MP Yulia Tymoshenko Met President Trump in Washington

Former Ukrainian prime minister and now an MP Yulia Tymoshenko has met with the US President Donald Trump during the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington which took place on February 2, 2017.

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Albeit unofficial, the meeting was confirmed by the White House and the spokesman of the Tymoshenko’s party, Batkivshchyna (Homeland), alike. Neither the US administration, nor Tymoshenko herself are willing to disclose any additional details of the meeting, though.

At the same time, The Washington Post published a citation of the White House which read that Tymoshenko and Trump had a brief informal meeting before the Prayer Breakfast and took a photo together.

Since no more details are disclosed by either party, a lot of speculations are circulating the Ukrainian media as to what have been said and promised by both parties. What’s known for sure is that Trump confirmed the US won’t lift its sanctions against Russia until Ukraine’s territorial integrity is ensured. At the same time, as noted by the White House, no official guarantees were given, since Tymoshenko is not a negotiating party.

This announcement was further confirmed by the Homeland’s party members who accompanied Tymoshenko during her visit.

The administration of the Ukrainian President did not release its comment with regards to the meeting.

As was reported earlier, Poroshenko has not met with Donald Trump when the latter was still a presidential candidate. In September 2016, during a visit to the US, he met with Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton.

Tymoshenko’s meeting with Trump was not the only important touchpoint made by Ukrainian politicians with the new US administration in the past week. Ukrainian President had the first official phone call with Trump last Saturday following the escalating situation in the eastern provinces of Ukraine, particularly in the city of Avdiivka.

The parties discussed Poroshenko’s upcoming visit to Washington as well as the means to establish ceasefire in the Eastern Ukraine.

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