Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko to meet Germany’s Angela Merkel in Berlin

Ukraine news: Ukraine’s Petro Poroshenko to Meet Germany’s Angela Merkel in Berlin

Ukrainian #President Petro #Poroshenko met #Federal #Chancellor #Angela Merkel on Jan 30, 2017. The meeting of the two leaders was the most important part of Poroshenko’s working visit to #Germany.

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It was planned that the parties would discuss the implementation of the Minsk Protocol and current situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

As was earlier reported by Pavlo Klimkin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the plans for the meeting were circling around for quite a long time and both parties were keen to meet and discuss the most pressing questions.

Among other things to be discussed were establishing a closer economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, release of political prisoners, possible ways of using the Normandy format, or the Normandy contact group, in negotiations with Russia and more.

Another important matter brought up during the meeting was the reform of economic and financial sectors currently unfolding in Ukraine. Before meeting the Ukrainian President, Chancellor Merkel welcomed the initiation of reforms in Ukraine and promised her country’s further support in one of her interviews:

“I welcome the crucial reforms that are now taking place in Ukraine. This also applies to a quite complicated program of cooperation with the IMF. Ukraine has fulfilled all requirements of the latter. We support and welcome the steps to reform both the economy and the state”.

Angela Merkel expressed her confidence in the fact that Germany will continue to assist Ukraine on its way to reforming the country. “We are very pleased that in spite of these difficult times Ukraine has seen the economic growth”, the Chancellor concluded.

Merkel also welcomed the fact that the volume of German exports to Ukraine has increased by almost 17% over the first three quarters.

At the same time, in his interview preceding the meeting Poroshenko thanked Merkel for continuous support:

“I want to thank our German and French colleagues for their firm and consistent support of Ukraine as well as express the hope in our ability to find ample arguments in order for Russia to return to the negotiating table and implement the Minsk Protocol”.

In addition, Poroshenko is said to meet the Vice Chancellor and the Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel.

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