Ukraine has already exported 18.8 million tons of crops since July

Ukraine agriculture: Ukraine has already exported 18.8 million tons of crops since July

This article discusses the #current #volumes of #exported #crops from #Ukraine in #2016-2017 #market years.

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As of beginning of December 2016, Ukraine has already exported 18.8 million tons crops in 2016-2017 marketing year.

Pursuant to the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, in this period Ukraine exported 10.2 million tons of grain, nearly 4 million tons of barley, 4.6 tons of corn.

The Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine forecasts that in 2016 Ukraine will have the biggest grain harvest in the history of the country. Thus, according to the preliminary estimations, in the grain harvest in 2016 will amount to 64 million tons with the average yield of 44 centners per hectare. The biggest harvest is forecasted for Vinnystsia (5.4 million tons), Odesa, Poltava and Kharkiv regions (4 million tons).

We note that Ukrainian export of crops in 2015-2016 market year amounted to 39.4 million tons, which is the record breaking figure. Last market year export of crops from Ukraine was on 4.6 million tons lower. During 2015-2016 market year Ukraine managed to export 17.35 million tons of grain, 17.40 million tons of corn, 4.41 tons of barley, and 256 thousand tons of other crops.

We note that until recently, Ukraine experienced grain terminals’ capacity shortage. However, as the amount of export of Ukrainian crops increases every year, many well-known international companies decided to invest in construction of new grain terminals on the territory of Ukraine. In 2016 alone the grain terminal facilities have been commissioned by such companies as Noble, Bunge, Louis Dreyfus, Risoil S.A. and Allseeds at Mykolaiv, Odessa, Illichivsk and Yuznii sea ports. In addition, there are 12 more terminals which are currently are being constructed with the aggregate capacity of 23 million tons per year. Investors also announced that by 2020 they expect Ukraine to have aggregate grain terminals’ capacity of 100 million tons per year. Furthermore, in addition to grain terminals, investors also forecast increase of capacity of oilseeds processing facilities.

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