The Ministry of Infrastructure aims to double the number of airports in Ukraine

Doing business in Ukraine - Ukraine economy: The Ministry of Infrastructure aims to double the number of airports in Ukraine

This article deals with the recent initiative of the #Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine to #commission #new airport in #Ukraine, which corresponds to the recently adopted #governmental programme for development of #airports in Ukraine.

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The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine announced plans on launching of ten new airports in Ukraine. According to the Minister, at the moment there are ten active airports in Ukraine, but the Ministry of Infrastructure wants to increase the number of airports by commissioning another ten airports. It is expected that such new airports will initially operate as regional for a number of years before becoming international airports.

Commissioning of new airports will be conducted primarily through reconstruction of the existing aerodromes and landing fields, which are currently not exploited. In order to perform such reconstruction the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is going to establish a special agency, which will deal with all infrastructure matters related to airports.

We note that such developments are in line with the governmental programme for development of airports in Ukraine. The programme provides for detailed steps in development of airports and air connections in Ukraine until 2023. Pursuant to the programme, some existing airports, including international airports in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro and Odesa, will be transferred from communal to state ownership and will be managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine or its respective agencies. The programme is financed from the state budged in the amount of UAH 8.7 billion (approximately USD 3.5 million). Under the programme the amount of passengers using Ukrainian airports shall increase to 24.3 million until 2023.

We also note that following the official visit of the President of Ukraine to Malaysia it was announced that Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, an airport operating company, became interested in managing Boryspil airport, the largest airport in Ukraine.

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